Thursday, 19 January 2012

Drink Tea, Eat Cake

I came here a few weeks ago, as I was sick of the commercial 'Starbucks-esque' Cafe's and wanted somewhere new where I could kick back and relax with a brew. Also the fact that I am dominantly a tea rather than coffee drinker made this place stick out for me.

It is located next door to the Krispy Kremes by Piccadilly Bus Station. So a good location for anyone using public transport to get into Town Center. On entering the cafe it is very unique. Light colours easy on the eye, the counter on entry with fabulous looking home made cakes and brownies on display. What stuck out the most though were the booths. They were in a cute looking wooden huts, similar to the stores of the yearly German Market.

The menu was quite big, considering it was dominated by tea and cake. They offered all kinds of varieties of tea, from the Indian Chai, to the classic Earl Grey. We decided to ask for assistance who recommended the home brewed tea for two. For cake, he invited us up back to the counter and let us pick out the most desirable.

The tea came in a classic English style, with traditional teapots and teacups. In fact the teapot could have served four, a very generous amount for just two people. The brownie we ordered was also very generous. so big we asked them to pack it to finish at home. I must say, the tea was an excellent cuppa. Went down very smoothly. The chocolate brownie is the main reason though to give this place a visit, it literally melted in my mouth. Spectacular!

Looking at the bill at the end I was amazed, I was expecting to spend that amount per person, and the fact we couldn't even finish our serving made the bill even better.

I must recommend this place as highly as possible. If you fancy a cheap hang out place with friends, this is your place. Drink Tea, Eat Cake has a great English atmosphere which would be a treat for anyone, especially for tourists wanting an English experience.

9 out of 10 rating