Monday, 16 January 2012

Zouk Teabar & Grill - Manchester

A group of 10 of us booked a table for Saturday 14th January, 7.45pm. It was for a birthday meal. In fact we booked for 12 but 10 arrived. I have never experienced staff so rude in my life. The place was busy, but this is no excuse. When we sat at the table, I expect for a waiter to take our order for drinks. As everyone had not arrived, they instead ignored us, forcing us to ask for their service and being shouted at saying that they thought there were 10 of us. Then they said they will take our order in a minute and not coming back. So rude. Then they tried to take one of our tables and tried to force us to squash on less tables., but I refused after arguing. I must say the person who seemed like the manager with glasses on was disgraceful. 

Drinks finally got ordered. It took 45 minutes for it to arrive. The waiter argued with us saying we only ordered 5 minutes ago. again, rudeness and down right dishonesty. When it became more quiet the drinks and food did start to arrive, and to be fair the food was great, although plates weren't provided to eat from which again is poor restaurant etiquette. I ordered the sea-bass which was adequate, not the best in my time but tasty with an Indian twist. Funnily enough it was the bill that arrived very quickly. Our bill was £237 but we refused to pay the optional service charge. Cheekily enough though the waiter asked for it. I couldn't believe my ears. Quite frankly although your business is successful at the moment, I doubt it will last with this kind of service.